I am Angel Price. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I started my Business Consulting Service to assist businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs start and plan their business. I also assist with creative marketing strategies to grow your business using the lastest technology such as Facebook Adverstising. I like to think outside the box, create solutions instead of complain about problems. I plan to take the Bar Exam. After I become licensed as an Attorney, I will continue to add services to my business to serve my clients. I aim to provide competent, clear, honest business advice.

On this site I plan to offer business consulting services and thoughtful and educational blogs. If you are interested in learning more about what I offer email or call me. I provide free quotes. Also, if you have suggestions for my business or blogs by all means, let me know. Donations are suggested and welcome to aid in efforts to serve the public. Together we can make a difference. An easy way to donate is at https://www.PayPal.me/AngelPrice