Ever had one of those moments you are in the midst of doing something or preparing to do go someplace important and you’re focused on that task whether it’s getting dressed or driving there, then suddenly you stop and smile or maybe frown because what you were doing reminded you of someone, something, or someplace? 

Yesterday, I was ironing my shirt for work. I wasn’t going to iron it at first. I normally put clothes in the dryer to get straight, but that did not work for this particular shirt. I was informed that certain people would be onsite at the temp job I work. I was doing my hair and looked in the mirror and convinced myself I needed to iron the shirt. 

I took my shirt off and began ironing. It’s interesting that I started thinking about my father during this moment. As many times as I have ironed something I’ve never though about him. I think what made me think of him was the type of shirt it was. This shirt was a collar shirt that button down the front. One of those professional business shirts you wear to work or an interview or to court. I have to go to court soon so maybe I’ll use it again. 

Anyways, I remember growing up my father drove the bus for a livibg. He wore green pants and yellow/gold looking shirts. Sometimes white. However, he did not play with the shirts or pants. My father never wore wrinkled clothing to work. Why? Because he woke me up early in the morning, turning lights on, making all types of noise to iron his shirts. Like 3am, 4am, etc. it wasn’t even time to get up for school. Sometimes I pretended to be sleeping but he didn’t care or give up. Sometimes my mother or sister ironed his shirt in the morning. He seemed to rush a lot and not have a lot of time getting ready for work. I hated it back then helping him get ready for work. 

However, now that’s one of my favorite memories of my father. Always look your best no matter the job. I was trying to get my shirt very straight like his shirts. I thought about using starch like him, but said no. 

My father taught me how to iron really good. Thank you. 

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