Cyberbullying Epidemic & The Power of Word

Cyberbullying has been a problem in today’s society for years. Cyberbullying is bullying through electronic media. It occurs online when  no one is around. Schools have tried to combat the problem of bullying. 

Bullying has led to tragic teen suicides. Fourteen year old Jamey Rodemeyer was victimized by bullies. Fifteen year old Phoebe Prince of South Hadley, Massachusetts was also driven to suicide. She was abused by bullies at school and online. 

According to the article, “One Spread Problem” in 2009, 50% of students surveyed said they experienced Cyberbullying. One in four of the 14 to 20 year olds who responded to the survey said they experienced digital abuse within the past 6 months…

This is an excerpt from my 14 year old nephew’s essay he wrote for one of his classses. He sent me the essay as he does a lot of his work and achievements on test, quizzes and other projects. I am heavily involved with promoting education with my nieces and nephews. I did not have that encouragement or involvement from my parents or anyone else. So, I try to break that trend in my family. 

Nevertheless, this particular topic captured my attention. I think Cyberbullying is a big issue today and continues to grow. People don’t know how to refrain from being negative online, showing hate amongst individuals or groups of people. Another reason this essay topic captured my attention is because I know what it feels like to be bullied. I was talked about and mistreated as a child for things I had no control over, such as my skin color, clothing, shoes, and nose. 

Bullying can lead to tragedy. My nephew spoke on suicide. However, bullying, whether online or at school or workplace, can lead to shootings. Personally, bullying prevented me from being out there. I was quiet and remained to myself. I did not want to bothered nor seen. I was also mean, which prevented people from even starting anything with new. I had few friends growing up. Fortunately, as I grew up, became educated, read books, I became wiser and stronger. As an adult what people think or say does not control what I do. 

However, many people suffer everyday from cyberbullying. It’s a crime and can result in incarceration when someone is driven to suicide. I think individuals need to be more cautious of the things they say to each other online and in person. Everyone is unique and different in their own ways. The world can be a better place by each of us intentionally becoming a better person. I’ve recently experienced internet abuse from an anonymous individual. If you don’t like a person don’t knock them just simply unfollow them. At the end of the day I’m going to keep doing my thang and I encourage others to keep doing theirs. Keep keeping on! 

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