Can companies discriminate against gay marriage even if it violates the company’s religious beliefs?

Contributor: Angel Price, JD
June 23, 2017

I saw a glimpse of the news today about a case while in the car repair shop. A same sex couple ordered a wedding cake from a business. The owner refused to make the cake due to his Christian religious beliefs. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the case today.

I understand if someone is a Christian that does not support gay relationships and gay marriage. Under the Christian belief, marriage is between one man and one woman. This is how I was raised. My parents are Christians and that is what they taught me. My parents stand firm behind this view. They will tell you yes they think. I do not think people should have to bend their family beliefs. On the other hand, companies cannot discriminate against people for employment based on a person’s sexual orientation. So, a business should not discriminate against individuals for their sexual preference when seeking the business’ services.

However, this is no ordinary business in question. This is a cake business. This couple ordered a wedding cake for their marriage, which means that the owner, who is a Christian would have to disregard his religion. I think if a person in the owner’s capacity has refused the service and has gone as far as ending up in court, the Supreme Court, then his decision should be honored. It is clear that this owner has strong religious beliefs that determine how he operates his business. I do not think the couple should have sued. However, this is a way to change the law where all businesses must provide services for people regardless of their sexual preferences.

I think a business that provide service to people getting married should have an option to deny gay people service. I do not think the law should tell people to disregard their religion. If it comes to that people will have a hard time with religion overall. Religion has had a long standing in this country for years. Now we are totaling disregarding the church and doing things against our religious principles. Under religion, someone will get discriminated against. I think we have to respect someone’s faith.

The owner is not saying I don’t like gay individuals. He is saying under his religion he can not make a wedding cake for fat couples getting married.

It’s all confusing. I anticipate the Supreme Court’s opinion.

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