Entrepreneurs Take Action!

Entrepreneurs take action not sit around and contemplate! Zinepack founders, Kim and Brittany business plan was written on a napkin. The napkin read, 1). Make Money and 2) Have Fun. This company was started by two women who barely knew each other. One of the founders either had to beg her old boss for her job back or either start a business with someone she barely knew. She opted to start a business and just went for it. I am the same way. I don’t sit back, wait, and contemplate!

Starting a business may be scary to some people, but it is exciting to me. I will take all the necessary steps for whatever i want to do. I went to law school because I took action. So many people want to do this and that, but never move their behind. Life is too short for all that playing around contemplating. Execute on ideas. I have a lot of ideas. Recently i began to write all my ideas down in notes on my iPhone. One of my ideas was to write Business Plans. I started my business July 2017. I started a website and started advertising. I haven’t had any money come in yet. I have inquiries, but it seems they are not ready. I just like the Zinepack story because it shows that you have to take action.

Timing is important as well according to Kim. Today is a great time to be an entrepreneur. You have all this technology and cheap marketing. Kim says stop making excuses like one more paycheck, make the leap.


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