Seeking Investors

IMG_6466Investor Group Start Up

Want to be Rich and/or Wealthy? Buy mama a house and/or Bentley Truck? Leave your child(ren) a M or more? Are you tired of trapping? Tired of living check to check? One option is to Invest. If you broke you have nothing to lose.

This new investor group will be comprised of ~20 individuals. I’m currently inviting family and friends at this time. Then will go from there with coworkers and/or associates. I will get it done. When I randomly texted 3 individuals about bossing up I was surprised that all were positive and quite frankly down.

Call/Text 7044455894

Minimum Qualifications:
* Business Minded with Ideas
* Ability to Invest
* Dependable
* Able to Use Various Technology Platforms

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