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Legal Services Cost

IMG_6880 You can buy cigarettes, you can buy weed (which is illegal), you can buy hair bundles, you can turn up at the club and buy drinks, you can buy fast food, you can buy p*ssy, you can buy games and sh*t and whatever the hell else you buy. 

You can’t buy the the things that are necessary for your own well being? Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, Tutoring Services for your kids, etc. A basic legal case evaluation is $100+ depending on the matter and your location. Prior to law school I remember contacting a law office and they said it’ll be $100 to talk to the lawyer. I said, just to talk is $100? I didn’t go.

However, after being apart of this field and more educated I’ve paid $200+ just to “talk”. I don’t feel sorry for no Broke a*** person who can’t “afford” an Attorney. This is not the welfare office. People seem to afford everything else especially if it’s for pleasure purposes.

Attorneys have to pay to run an office, they have lights, rent, and office supplies just like ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Why do lawyers have to be characterized as greedy and/or money hungry because people can’t afford to hire one? The attorney has spent 7 years in college, spent over $100,000 to get to where they are, paying back loans, studied boring cases, sacrificed their social life, took a bar exam or two. I don’t ever want to hear it when I start practicing.

People buy Jordan’s for $100+ but don’t think about hmmm I might need a lawyer one day to save my a**. Call Jordan next time you’re in a bind and see if you can get through since you love his product so much.

I encourage the consumer to get their bread up. They have insurance plans you can purchase for legal services now just like medical insurance. In sum, anything product or service that you can’t afford is not the other person’s fault. iPhone is $800. You think apple about to reduce the cost because you poor? No..however individuals live above their means al the time. A low income person might spend their last on the iPhone versus buying the knock off. 

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