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Please Tip the Strippers and Stop Colorism in Strip Clubs

Please Tip the Strippers

Men will sit in the strip club all night and not tip dancers or get a dance. It’s not fair or right because that’s exploitation. No one should have to walk around all night naked/half naked and not make money. I don’t know why men seem to think they can not pay dancers.

Dancers don’t get paid from the club she works at from the club

The only money she makes is from the tips from people and it’s hard. Last Saturday I paid $55 to work and by 3:00am I was just over it, over the mood, over the cheap broke people that i left. I rather remove myself before I cuss someone out.

It’s something that you won’t understand unless you’re on the other side as a dancers or know a dancer personally. People really think they can just prance they ass in a strip club and sit down and Just WATCH! Nooo..! You must tip!

Customer Etiquette in Strip Clubs

How do I know that people (Customers) don’t get it is because I was a customer before a dancer. I went a strip club in Detroit. I didn’t tip nobody. Then the club I work at now I didn’t tip when I visited before dancing. Why? I didn’t know. Nobody told me, or explained the proper etiquette. Now today it’s no way in hell I’d prance my tail in a strip club without tipping.

I am a heterosexual female so I don’t patronize strip club as entertainment. I see many groups of women today that do but they fail to tip. Some women talk about the dancers and laugh at them. Cardi B. spoke out about tipping dancers and she is right!

People think strippers make all this money. Please stop believing everything you hear and see. Men tell me I got all the money and so they don’t tip or give me money sometimes. It’s no way I will have money if you believe that I have it already. In reality it’s not easy, men and women are cheap, and things have to change on a federal level. It’s enough to complain about it.

The only way there will be change if there is a federal lawsuit filed to ensure COMPLIANCE because it’s sn unregulated industry. I proposed the development of a new federal agency governing strip clubs.


Cardi B. also mentioned that dark skinned women are not hired in strip clubs in New York. I went to Platinum Plus strip club in Columbia, SC. I was turned away for being too dark. The guy at the door was white. This is a mixed club but they don’t hired dark women.

He lied and stated that there wasn’t space. This is not true. Any black club don’t care how many dancers there are. Even for CIAA it’s over capacity. I auditioned for Uptown Caberet in Charlotte, NC they did not hire me or girls that were black. 

This topic is a big problem with the world, colorism, racism, discrimination. Things have to change. It is similar To bullying. Kids commit suicide when they are bullied. I was bullied as a child for being dark. It hurts. 


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