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Strip Club Issues and Reform

D6B80E81-D59E-4DAB-AFB5-1539F77DD49E.jpegI just think that the whole strip club industry should be reformed. Strip Clubs should be federally regulated. I would be happy to create a new federal agency that helps women, protect their human rights, and preserve their dignity. It’s too much greed in Strip Clubs where the owner(s) do all they can to profit. This is my cup of tea. I’m a dancer. I have a law degree. I took Administrative Law in law school with professor burgess. I know how to create an entire federal agency—its time. I feel very passionate about this issue. It’s not right. I’ve seen women mistreated and illegal conduct. 

Strip Club Issues and Reform
* House Moms
* Managers
* Drugs
* Alcohol
* Wages
* Recording
* Pictures
* Tip Out
* Events
* Body Types
* Auditions
* Why do each individual club get to decide who “works” and who doesn’t work
* VIPs
* Pay should be equal


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