Spoiled Brats

Many of my post are inspired by people and conversations. I was recently talking to someone that stated,

their parents gave them a good life where they had money, and provided them the necessary tools to be successful.

I thought that was great and I wish I had parents who cared about me enough to do that! I replied,

my parents ain’t give me shit.

They immediately got defensive and said, your parents gave you life. To me it is not enough to merely give life! Almost anybody can give birth whether you are ready or not. Some people are not capable, mentally or financially to take care of children. My parents were not capable to raise children. Some people just have kids just to have kids.

As a parent you have a duty to take care of your kids from birth to college. I would support mine if I have any for life! It would not stop when they turn 18.

There are people loyal to their parents and love their parent(s) because their parents took care of them, helped them, made sacrifices, and bent over backwards for them. That is fine and if your parent(s) actually was a real parent then that makes sense to love your parent(s).

Then they stated that

“if your life is not what you want it to be it is not your parent’s fault”.

BULLSHIT..I disagree here too. If your life is fucked up and/or a piece of shit it could very well be your parents’ got damn fault or someone elses’ because they failed to mold you, support, and provide you with guidance from yay high.
A person who had been given everything and has been helped by their parents throughout their life cannot be compared to someone who was just dropped off on earth and that’s it!

I am tired of people who never experienced what another has experienced to give advice. Because you do not know what it is like. You have not been there. For example, I hate when men attempt to debate about abortions that they are pro life. Are you a woman? Have you ever been pregnant? Do you know what it is like to be pregnant?

Anyway, there are people who never lived in the hood, took a bus, went hungry, went broke, lived check to check, had to do strange thangs for change, yet somehow have all these answers and solutions for people who have.

I end with a quote that is quite true:

“It’s not your fault you’re fucked up, it’s your fault if you STAY fucked up…!”

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