Education has never been encouraged in my family. I was not supported emotionally or financially in my education endeavors from grade school to graduating from Law School. Over 600 miles from home, no one bothered to come to my graduation when I graduated from Law School. I was hurt when my parents did not come. I eventually got over it because they have never been there. 

When I was preparing to go to Michigan State University right after high school, I informed my father that I was leaving the next day. He said,

oh, you were serious? 

I will never forget that. It was no encouragement whatsoever. My father has never provided anything for us. He left my mother hanging. We were homeless, hungry, lived in shelters, took buses, and broke. I always had in my mind that I wanted something. When I needed help in Law School again he was not there. I decided from that point that I would not ask him for anything again. Some people just have kids and you are on your own. I called my older brother Jerry once when I needed help while in Law School. I informed him I needed about $100 and that I would pay him back when I received my stipend. He said no. I said,

fuck it.

 I never had support, but that is fine. I do not give up or feel sorry about myself. The only thing I can do it try. 

One Reply to “College?”

  1. More power to you! 🙂
    The shock on his face when he reads your autobiography of the challenges you overcome, without his support, and the determination of prevailing when all were against your dream…pretty sure that’ll be a priceless moment when you just smile at those nay-sayers and say, “I am the definition of success.” Or something along those lines lol

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