Beat The Odds

This young woman beat the odds and statistics by graduating from law school with 5 children. I can tell you right now–she did that. Law school is extremely challenging. To go through law school with children, five children is a boss move. I remember those longggg nights and early mornings and it was just me.

She graduated from a well known school and graduated with Cum Laude honors. Not only did she get in she graduated at the top of her class. It is extremely challenging to beat everybody out in law school because you are graded on a curve.

Anything is possible is you believe and stay focused. She stated that God wanted her to be a lawyer. I believe the same fore too. Because as difficult as law school was I never gave up. I graduated in 2015 and unfortunately I’ve been unable to pay for the bar exam, but I am going to take it some day. I don’t care how long it takes.

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