Success is Rare

Growing up I couldn’t have anything or go anywhere. In reality that’s what it was.

As I get older and closer to my dream, I often think back on my childhood. But most of my memories are all about misfortunes and hard times. I wasn’t a “happy child”. I was raised in poverty around crime. Everyone was tired, broke, mad, sad, depressed, and struggling. I knew it had to be something better. I didn’t know where or how.

Today I am often in conflict with myself (and when I was speaking to my mother, often in conflict with her).

Growing up I just remember her complaining–A LOT. She complained mostly about money. She also wished, prayed, and hoped for money. She always had material desires like many people do, but she never did anything a normal person would do to make her desires come true.

My Mother is Very Religious

My mother is very religious to the point she was scammed several times through faith based investment groups. My mother was a member of a church in Detroit, Michigan. A church member informed her that she knew or either knew of some lady name Mary in Florida who was rich. The church member persuaded my mother to become a part of an investment group that Mary had. It was called The Believers Club.

My mother and other church members was informed that for every $100 that they invested they would receive $25,000 within a year.

My mother invested $1,000 or more. She was certain that this was it and that she would become a millionaire. My mother never met Mary in person. However, they wrote letters and spoke over the phone.

Whether Mary was really Mary or the church member was in on the scam, I do not know. Years passed. Year after year and still no money.

Mary Was a Brilliant Scammer

Mary was brilliant at scamming though. She convinced my mother to invest more and more money for packages that never came. I told my mother that the whole thing was a scam.

My mother is the type of person where you cannot convince her otherwise especially if religion is involved. My mother received award letters from other people that stated she won money. One time she even cashed a check, which was a scam. She almost ended up in prison. I told her to throw all letters away that come in the mail, you have not won anything especially if you have to pay for it. This type of advice often led to arguments and being hung up on.

Create Your Own Money

The point of this story is that I do not understand why people don’t create their own wealth or whatever desires that they want in life.

I was often confused growing up wondering how can my mother who prays all the time, tithe, read the Bible, have all this faith be broke and have absolutely nothing to show for her entire existence or time spent here on this earth? The difference is taking action.

From a very young age I knew I was different than a lot of the other kids. I remember when I would go back to school after Christmas break and all the kids would be in new clothes and discussing all the things they received for Christmas. I didn’t receive anything. I use to lie and say I got this and that though.

Being Poor Can Hurt Your Self-Esteem

Being poor definitely does something to your self esteem, especially as a child. Because a child cannot just be mentally strong. In school you are bullied. I remember myself and other less fortunate students being bullied and harassed for having bad clothing on and not smelling good.

My mother didn’t teach me about proper hygiene I learned on my own. When I started my period, I left a pad on so long that I smelled like fish at school. I was humiliated by peers.

I am not speaking to my mother as this time and have not talked to her in over 3 years. However, I can tell that she is getting older. She has no teeth and unable to walk. She’s either in a wheelchair or standing on crutches. Seeing someone like her as she gets over is very depressing because she basicallly did nothing with her life and her health is rapidly deteriorating. She cannot afford dentures so she cant eat what she would really want. She has to gum food up.

My goal is never to beat her up or someone else for being less fortunate or bad off. My thing is simple—don’t complain about what you do not have if you are not going to or at least making a good faith effort to make it happen. I could never understand this about my mother.

I remember when my father used to tell my mother, “when I die you will be rich”. He was referring to his insurance policy. That’s if he was to die before her. One day I was in the store behind a man playing the lottery. My father also gambled on the lottery every single day twice a day. He has never won anything significant. He has loss more than he has won. Anyway, back to being in the store. This guy was talking to the store clerk. He made a statement to the clerk that stood out to me. He stated that he would open a business if he win the lottery.

Business is a way to acquire wealth. I just begin to think why do people put so much money into the lottery and not pursue business. You have a better chance of success in business than winning a lottery.

People bank on the lottery as their way to wealth, way out of debt. Yes, I believe in trying your chances some of the time, not everyday and I certainly do not recommend not starting a business until after winning the lottery.

I often wondered why my family was so broke and everyone around us was broke, drove used cars, lived in homes that were falling apart, paycheck to paycheck, all utilities in shut-off, and other misfortunes. It’s because nobody does anything. People go to work, never acquire additional education or skills, never start a lucrative business, never invest, never save, and never plan.

People don’t work out, don’t eat healthy, do go to the gym and wonder why their belly sticking out more than their booty do. Even today, with information is available at a click of the internet for FREE people will still be broke, lost, uninspired, and out of shape—but complain.

Remember, “observe the masses and do the opposite”.

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