Lack of money makes you unhappy

People often ask me “why aren’t you smiling”? “Why do you look mean”?

People are really weird. Strangers will just say anything to anybody without regard. I’ve always felt like are you gonna make my day or somethin’? Like why are you all up in my face focused on me? In addition, it’s really rude to call out people. What if I asked a fat person, why are you fat just out of the blue. That’ll be really fucked up.

People are so irritating it’s disgusting. I really take offense to such a question. Because if you start to explain your situation to the inquire, often times there’s nothing anyone can do. Its wasted energy.

I’ve always been a loner and kept to myself. As an adult, I feel like people are all talk.

Often times severely broke people who are broke for reasons out of their control like born into poverty, want some money.

If you have money you can pay your bills–and not worry everyday. I often hear money doesn’t bring happiness, money won’t make you happy, etc. but it’s often the people with the money stating this, yet nobody helps nobody nor emptying out their bank account to feed the homeless, house the homeless, or pay a low income family’s bills.

So I can’t take people serious stating money doesn’t bring happiness. Do people think by stating this that people will suddenly stop trying to get ahead in life or something? Who the fuck is in search of money for the purposes of bringing happiness? Mothetfuckas want money to pay their bills–there are millions barely surviving.

If you are not part of poverty I don’t expect you to understand. Most people are totally oblivious to poverty that never been through it.

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