Rich Or Poor

I had a wake up call to start a business when I was homeless.

Homeless, broke, and no one to call. Some people act like going after money is a bad thing. These people may not know what it feels like to basically have nothing—the basics like a roof.

In America, people profit off real estate, people are homeless—there is no right to housing. It’s something wrong with that. and only means one thing..get you some m*********g. Cause when you on yo a** ain’t no friend(s) or family.

I don’t know what middle class feels like. I just know broke, eviction notices, unemployment, and everyone around you is in the same situation?

If anyone thinks money is bad by all means you may empty your bank account and give me all your money. I don’t see anyone doing that.

But discourages individuals that strictly want money out of life. Some people never experienced poverty and its severe disadvantages. So I don’t expect nobody to understand why I study business and keep social activities to a minimum, unless you’ve been there. There are 6 ways to get rich—and starting a business is one of them.

Maybe my purpose is to help others out of poverty. Cause people that ain’t never been down to nothing act TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS.

If anyone disagrees, let’s argue…I could be wrong.

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