Start Slow

I was in the gym working out. I was on the elliptical machine. A bigger girl came in and got on the treadmill and started running.

However, she stopped every few seconds then ran again. Then stopped then ran again. It was like she was out of breath and doing too much. I was on the elliptical sweating, steady pace, didn’t stop the whole 30+ minutes. I am starting back working out. I’m not at the same level I used to be. So I don’t force myself to do things I cannot right now…like run, lift heavy, and more. One day you will wake up incredibly strong.

I remember a time when I couldn’t do 30 minutes on the elliptical. Now I can, do I am building up that endurance. Sometimes we want to run when we are not ready. It’s okay to start slow to build up that endurance so you can run.

This situation made me reflect on life as well. Walk before you run. again.,fail again..til u succeed.

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