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Education has never been encouraged in my family. I was not supported emotionally or financially in my education endeavors from grade school to graduating from Law School. Over 600 miles from home, no one bothered to come to my graduation when I graduated from Law School. I was hurt when my parents did not come. I eventually got over it because they have never been there. 

When I was preparing to go to Michigan State University right after high school, I informed my father that I was leaving the next day. He said,

oh, you were serious? 

I will never forget that. It was no encouragement whatsoever. My father has never provided anything for us. He left my mother hanging. We were homeless, hungry, lived in shelters, took buses, and broke. I always had in my mind that I wanted something. When I needed help in Law School again he was not there. I decided from that point that I would not ask him for anything again. Some people just have kids and you are on your own. I called my older brother Jerry once when I needed help while in Law School. I informed him I needed about $100 and that I would pay him back when I received my stipend. He said no. I said,

fuck it.

 I never had support, but that is fine. I do not give up or feel sorry about myself. The only thing I can do it try. 


Spoiled Brats

Many of my post are inspired by people and conversations. I was recently talking to someone that stated,

their parents gave them a good life where they had money, and provided them the necessary tools to be successful.

I thought that was great and I wish I had parents who cared about me enough to do that! I replied,

my parents ain’t give me shit.

They immediately got defensive and said, your parents gave you life. To me it is not enough to merely give life! Almost anybody can give birth whether you are ready or not. Some people are not capable, mentally or financially to take care of children. My parents were not capable to raise children. Some people just have kids just to have kids.

As a parent you have a duty to take care of your kids from birth to college. I would support mine if I have any for life! It would not stop when they turn 18.

There are people loyal to their parents and love their parent(s) because their parents took care of them, helped them, made sacrifices, and bent over backwards for them. That is fine and if your parent(s) actually was a real parent then that makes sense to love your parent(s).

Then they stated that

“if your life is not what you want it to be it is not your parent’s fault”.

BULLSHIT..I disagree here too. If your life is fucked up and/or a piece of shit it could very well be your parents’ got damn fault or someone elses’ because they failed to mold you, support, and provide you with guidance from yay high.
A person who had been given everything and has been helped by their parents throughout their life cannot be compared to someone who was just dropped off on earth and that’s it!

I am tired of people who never experienced what another has experienced to give advice. Because you do not know what it is like. You have not been there. For example, I hate when men attempt to debate about abortions that they are pro life. Are you a woman? Have you ever been pregnant? Do you know what it is like to be pregnant?

Anyway, there are people who never lived in the hood, took a bus, went hungry, went broke, lived check to check, had to do strange thangs for change, yet somehow have all these answers and solutions for people who have.

I end with a quote that is quite true:

“It’s not your fault you’re fucked up, it’s your fault if you STAY fucked up…!”

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Strip Club Issues and Reform

D6B80E81-D59E-4DAB-AFB5-1539F77DD49E.jpegI just think that the whole strip club industry should be reformed. Strip Clubs should be federally regulated. I would be happy to create a new federal agency that helps women, protect their human rights, and preserve their dignity. It’s too much greed in Strip Clubs where the owner(s) do all they can to profit. This is my cup of tea. I’m a dancer. I have a law degree. I took Administrative Law in law school with professor burgess. I know how to create an entire federal agency—its time. I feel very passionate about this issue. It’s not right. I’ve seen women mistreated and illegal conduct. 

Strip Club Issues and Reform
* House Moms
* Managers
* Drugs
* Alcohol
* Wages
* Recording
* Pictures
* Tip Out
* Events
* Body Types
* Auditions
* Why do each individual club get to decide who “works” and who doesn’t work
* VIPs
* Pay should be equal


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Please Tip the Strippers and Stop Colorism in Strip Clubs

Please Tip the Strippers

Men will sit in the strip club all night and not tip dancers or get a dance. It’s not fair or right because that’s exploitation. No one should have to walk around all night naked/half naked and not make money. I don’t know why men seem to think they can not pay dancers.

Dancers don’t get paid from the club she works at from the club

The only money she makes is from the tips from people and it’s hard. Last Saturday I paid $55 to work and by 3:00am I was just over it, over the mood, over the cheap broke people that i left. I rather remove myself before I cuss someone out.

It’s something that you won’t understand unless you’re on the other side as a dancers or know a dancer personally. People really think they can just prance they ass in a strip club and sit down and Just WATCH! Nooo..! You must tip!

Customer Etiquette in Strip Clubs

How do I know that people (Customers) don’t get it is because I was a customer before a dancer. I went a strip club in Detroit. I didn’t tip nobody. Then the club I work at now I didn’t tip when I visited before dancing. Why? I didn’t know. Nobody told me, or explained the proper etiquette. Now today it’s no way in hell I’d prance my tail in a strip club without tipping.

I am a heterosexual female so I don’t patronize strip club as entertainment. I see many groups of women today that do but they fail to tip. Some women talk about the dancers and laugh at them. Cardi B. spoke out about tipping dancers and she is right!

People think strippers make all this money. Please stop believing everything you hear and see. Men tell me I got all the money and so they don’t tip or give me money sometimes. It’s no way I will have money if you believe that I have it already. In reality it’s not easy, men and women are cheap, and things have to change on a federal level. It’s enough to complain about it.

The only way there will be change if there is a federal lawsuit filed to ensure COMPLIANCE because it’s sn unregulated industry. I proposed the development of a new federal agency governing strip clubs.


Cardi B. also mentioned that dark skinned women are not hired in strip clubs in New York. I went to Platinum Plus strip club in Columbia, SC. I was turned away for being too dark. The guy at the door was white. This is a mixed club but they don’t hired dark women.

He lied and stated that there wasn’t space. This is not true. Any black club don’t care how many dancers there are. Even for CIAA it’s over capacity. I auditioned for Uptown Caberet in Charlotte, NC they did not hire me or girls that were black. 

This topic is a big problem with the world, colorism, racism, discrimination. Things have to change. It is similar To bullying. Kids commit suicide when they are bullied. I was bullied as a child for being dark. It hurts. 


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Legal Services Cost

IMG_6880 You can buy cigarettes, you can buy weed (which is illegal), you can buy hair bundles, you can turn up at the club and buy drinks, you can buy fast food, you can buy p*ssy, you can buy games and sh*t and whatever the hell else you buy. 

You can’t buy the the things that are necessary for your own well being? Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, Tutoring Services for your kids, etc. A basic legal case evaluation is $100+ depending on the matter and your location. Prior to law school I remember contacting a law office and they said it’ll be $100 to talk to the lawyer. I said, just to talk is $100? I didn’t go.

However, after being apart of this field and more educated I’ve paid $200+ just to “talk”. I don’t feel sorry for no Broke a*** person who can’t “afford” an Attorney. This is not the welfare office. People seem to afford everything else especially if it’s for pleasure purposes.

Attorneys have to pay to run an office, they have lights, rent, and office supplies just like ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Why do lawyers have to be characterized as greedy and/or money hungry because people can’t afford to hire one? The attorney has spent 7 years in college, spent over $100,000 to get to where they are, paying back loans, studied boring cases, sacrificed their social life, took a bar exam or two. I don’t ever want to hear it when I start practicing.

People buy Jordan’s for $100+ but don’t think about hmmm I might need a lawyer one day to save my a**. Call Jordan next time you’re in a bind and see if you can get through since you love his product so much.

I encourage the consumer to get their bread up. They have insurance plans you can purchase for legal services now just like medical insurance. In sum, anything product or service that you can’t afford is not the other person’s fault. iPhone is $800. You think apple about to reduce the cost because you poor? No..however individuals live above their means al the time. A low income person might spend their last on the iPhone versus buying the knock off. 


Too Black

I’m not really sure why blacks discriminate against each other skin color. Some blacks are light and dark and there are some in between. As a dark skin person, it doesn’t bother me now. However, I was bullied a lot when I was a child. I was called various things by classmates like, blackie, black ass, tar baby, midnight, shut yo black ass up. I wanted to be a few shades lighter than I was. I used creams that I wanted to lighten my face. 

That led to me not being outgoing and drive me to being extremely shy and quiet. I would shy away from people, things, opportunities, and social events. I thought no one liked me or would like me because I was dark skin. I remember in college I had to do a report and a presentation. I did the report, but was too afraid to do the presentation. I ended up with a B in the class. My professor said I would have gotten an A if I presented in front of the class. I just didn’t want people to look at me.

I thought people would automatically not like me because I was dark so I didn’t attempt to make friends, and or talk to people since I was a child. I’m an adult now. I no longer care what anyone thinks. One bully has a dark skin girlfriend. Another bully wants dark skin babies. The bullies now seem to like dark skin people.

Now I see on social media being dark is a “thing”. I don’t think being dark is a thing or for entertainment. They have various pages dedicated to showcasing dark skin women with makeup on. I don’t like being called anything that references my skin tone. I never refer to myself as “chocolate”. I’m just Angel. Is that the first thing people see when they see me and think, that she’s dark or black. But it’s only around blacks that I feel and felt  inadequate. White people didn’t go around calling me degrading things about being dark.

I’m often stared at in my adult life. Men make comments as if they know me like, hey chocolate. As if that will get my attention. They even talk about my nose. I look like my paternal grandmother and have her nose, but she is high yellow. Would she be asked what part of Africa she is from? I don’t think so. I have dark skin and a not so “ideal” pointed nose. It bothers me that people think they can say anything to you about your features that you did not choose. 


Seeking Investors

IMG_6466Investor Group Start Up

Want to be Rich and/or Wealthy? Buy mama a house and/or Bentley Truck? Leave your child(ren) a M or more? Are you tired of trapping? Tired of living check to check? One option is to Invest. If you broke you have nothing to lose.

This new investor group will be comprised of ~20 individuals. I’m currently inviting family and friends at this time. Then will go from there with coworkers and/or associates. I will get it done. When I randomly texted 3 individuals about bossing up I was surprised that all were positive and quite frankly down.

Call/Text 7044455894

Minimum Qualifications:
* Business Minded with Ideas
* Ability to Invest
* Dependable
* Able to Use Various Technology Platforms