Strip Club Journals

Riley rarely worked on Sundays. Hell, Riley rarely worked at all. In fact she was over dancing. The whole scene, the people. The men.

But dancing helped pay the bills, kept Riley looking fly, allowed her to drive a Range Rover at only 25, live in a brand new house, travel, and buy anything she wanted.

Riley went in to work on Sunday. The club was dead and boring. Riley also hated being on stage. Not because she was shy, but because it was a waste of time. Money is made doing table dances and VIP. So, when the DJ called her to the stage she just didn’t go.

Riley went to the bar and got 3 shots of Hennessy–She was bored. When she turned around, a guy was staring at her ass. Riley decided to go talk to him. She thought to herself, another loser. Riley introduced herself and sat on his lap.

His name was Kory. He smelled really good. Was handsome, nice smile, white straight teeth. His skin was light brown. He looked good in a nice outfit, some jewelry.

It was his birthday. Riley and Kory talked and there was a nice vibe. Soon the flirting began. Kory had a ring on his finger, but that didn’t stop him from asking for Riley’s number. Riley danced for Kory topless in a dark corner. He was very excited. He was generous, but could of spent more cash.

The next day, Riley and Kory met at a hotel. Kory told his wife he was watching the football game at a friend’s house that evening. Kory and Riley fucked several times. Kory was not that big. The sex was not that great.

Kory took the condom off, although Riley insisted to use a condom and brought her home. But he wanted her raw. Kory went down on Riley and it was amazing. The favor was returned. Riley was only there for the money.

Kory left $1,200 on the night stand.

To be continued…